Website photo guide

Having high-quality, professional-looking photos on your website is an extremely important part of your online presence as a business.

Check the photos you've already uploaded -- if they're looking a little fuzzy or odd, we recommend that you delete, optimize and re-upload those photos.  

(Think of this as the difference between wearing a wrinkled shirt and wearing one that has been steam-pressed with Scotchguard.)

Photos for blogs:
  • Max width: 800px
  • Max size: 200KB
Photos for sliders & page backgrounds:
  • Max width: 1300px
  • Max size: 300KB

For standard blog images, you'll want to optimize the size to help reduce website loading time. This helps boost your ranking in search engines.

Need a quick and easy way to resize and rename your photos?

Depending on your system:

  1. For mac 👉 PhotoResize Pro
  2. For windows 👉 Photo Resizer
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