Review platform isn't working

Has a customer told you they weren't able to leave you a review?

Before anything else, please check to see if it's working for you to make sure it isn't an issue on your customer's end. Sometimes a browser refresh is all it takes ;)
If it still seems to be bugging out, we have some good news and some bad news...we'll start with the good news.
😊Good news is, your customer  probably loves you and wants to help spread the word. Yay, you're loved!
😓Bad news is, there isn't much we can do about it on the review platform because it's likely an issue with Yelp. If your customer isn't a qualified Yelper or isn't on Yelp often, their review could be disregarded by Yelp.
😊Back to good news! Two steps to move forward:
  1. Email your customer and apologize, asking if they'd leave a review on FB or Google instead. (Don't forget to include the links to your pages ;))
  2. If you'd like to focus on other review platforms, we could replace Yelp with a different review platform that's a bit more agnostic. Email our team to ask for a platform switch.
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