What to prep for your AI reputation tool launch

Your online reputation can be the make or break decision for a prospect who's considering doing business with you.

Whether you're reactively managing your reputation in response to a fire of sorts, or proactively building your reputation to stay ahead of the curve, our AI reputation tool will do the heavy lifting for you. 💪

To get yours launched, we just need a few things from you:
  1. A list of your customer contacts (couple options for how to get this)
    1. Best option: Our system integrates with a number of different accounting software, communication platforms, and even field software. We can work with you to get connected. View the integration list here
    2. Option B: If you have a CSV file of your contacts, send that over and we'll take care of the rest. For this option, having name, email, and phone in the CSV file is ideal. 
  2. Your desired company email address and **the login for this email account
    1. This will be your "Sent From:" email address in the system. 
    2. *If you'd like to keep your contacts automatically synced on the new platform, please send us the login to this email account, and we'll take care of that for you. Any emails sent to new clients will automatically sync with this option and will not duplicate any contacts.
  3. An initial promotion to encourage referrals
    1. For people who refer you and customers who have been referred, we can set up an initial promotion like a 10% off or $10 Starbucks gift card offer.

After you've collected the 3 above items, click here to email them over to our team and we'll confirm as soon as it's launched!

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