How to Enable Send Limits on Automated Campaigns

Are your customers receiving too many emails?

The AI platform is set-up to drive you reviews, but if your customers are like me they may get annoyed by the number of emails they receive. ðŸ˜’We don't want your customer going from ðŸ˜€ to ðŸ˜¡. 

Manually change your campaign send limits

To solve this problem, you can adjust the number of emails a nonresponsive customer receives. If you have a customer who doesn't engage with the email you can manually set a limit so they won't receive too many messages which could lead to frustration. 

It's all about balance

The tricky part can be finding that right balance. Sometimes customers need an extra nudge before they will take the time to leave a review. Emails are worded differently in order to drive engagement but we understand that you may want to adjust the default settings.

To Adjust the sending limits follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your dashboard and go to settings  
  2. Click on the customizations tab 

  3. Under the Automated Campaigns click the Edit Send Limit link. 

  4. Click Automatically and choose Manually from the drop-down menu that appears

  5. From the dropdown choose the maximum number of email campaigns you would like each unresponsive contact to receive. You can choose between 1 and 10. 

  6. Update limit 

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