How does the system categorize contacts and what campaigns do they receive?

When your contacts are uploaded into the platform, we begin to bucket them into these different lifecycles:

  • Prospective Customers: Contacts who clicked your offer’s call-to-action
  • Active Customers: Contacts who have given positive feedback, written a positive review, or transacted
  • Inactive Customers: Contacts who stopped interacting with campaigns for the last 3 months
  • Unknown Contacts: Contacts who have not yet interacted with any campaigns
  • Unhappy Customers: Contacts who gave negative or neutral feedback

Which campaigns do they receive? 

  • Prospective Customers: Receive New Customer Campaigns
  • Active Customers: Receive Review Requests & Active Customer Campaigns
  • Inactive Customers: Receive Review Requests and Winback Campaigns
  • Unknown Contacts: Receive Review Requests and New Customer Campaigns
  • Unhappy Customers: Receive no automated campaigns. However, they would receive any One-Time Campaigns you create and send.

To learn more about how the system works click here.

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