How do I add a manager to Facebook?

Due to recent Facebook changes this is now a two step process and you must add our team using the instructions below and on the Facebook Business Suite. This article covers the first part.
Refer to this Article for Part 2  

Adding an admin to your Facebook business page can be done in a few easy steps. Keep in mind that adding an admin to your page means they'll have all the same permissions you do to manage, post, and make changes to the page.

1. Login to Facebook under your personal account that has the admin privileges. 

1a. Click the magnifying glass icon and search for your business page name. Then click on your page to pull up your business page. *Additional Option to find your page: Click the drop-down carrot with your profile picture in the top right corner of the menu bar. Select "see all profiles" to see the various pages that you currently manage. Select the business page that you'd like to add an admin for.

2. Once you are on your business page, if you have admin privileges, you should be able to click on the "manage" icon to open up your page settings.

3. Once you are on your "professional dashboard" with your page settings. Click on "page access" near the bottom of the list on the left side.

4. On the page access section click "add new" and assign a new page role by typing in "Charisa Richardson" to get the account to populate. It will be a photo with the pink square. Then you can select the account. Another option is to type the email address of the new admin you would like to add in the text box. ENTER:

5. From here, you can choose to give "Charisa Richardson" Facebook access with full control. To give Facebook access with full control: Scroll down, click the slider icon to allow this person to have full control, then click Give Access. Finally, type your Facebook password, then click Confirm. We will receive an invitation to access to your Page. 

Now please click here to proceed to part 2

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