Social Media Access: How to connect our team

Our team uses the Sendible platform to manage social media accounts. Some accounts require direct access, and others can be managed by you getting us connected. To gain the correct access, we ask you to follow these steps accordingly.

  • Google Business Profile - This requires direct access. You can follow the instructions found here.
  •  Facebook & Instagram - We will need direct access for better management. 
    • Facebook - we will need access via the meta business suite. This is a new requirement of Facebook and requires two steps. Part 1: Follow these steps Part 2: Follow these instructions
    • Instagram - If your Instagram page is already connected to Facebook's business manager, we will have access once you have granted us access to Facebook. If you Instagram page is not linked, see step 3 of this article.
  • Linkedin & Twitter - Go here and click the icons to grant us access. 

We do our best to keep our instructions up-to-date. Unfortunately, Facebook changes things constantly, and oftentimes instructions don't match consistently for everyone. Please contact our support team if you need assistance. 

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